Loftilla Smart Body Weight Scale

Model CS20M3

LoftillaTM Smart Scales are today’s choices of bathroom scales, designed to keep your weight in check, keep your body in shapeTM.

The Model CS20M3 measures the following body compositions:

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

With the Loftilla mobile apps, you can track your data at your fingertips, seamlessly sync your data with popular fitness apps:

Configure Arboleaf® app to link your data to your Fitbit® account    Configure Arboleaf® app to link your data to your Apple® Health account    Configure Arboleaf® app to link your data to your Google Fit® account

With the Arboleaf apps, you can setup multiple users so one scale will be perfect for your entire family. Also with the apps you can easily share your weight loss progress to your friends on FacebookTwitter, and other social media.

These useful features are implemented with your privacy in mind. We keep your data secure and private, and we use US based data servers. You have full control of your privacy, you decide if and how you share your data with others.

The product is sold at Amazon and other outlets. If you have any questions, you can get answers from our support team at our Dallas, Texas, headquarters.