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Our Mission

Our mission is to support small business, in their cloud computing migration and in their IoT implementation. These are two industry trends rapidly changing the market environment. Small business need support, and we at Rayburn Technologies have expertise to help them to catch up the market requirements, and more importantly to win more business.


Our Expertise

Cloud computing with small business support is our expertise. We adopt Drupal-based Content Management System (CMS) with Social Media support, and geolocation-based SEO for the growing customers' mobile search behaviors. We also specialize in IoT implementations, in particular IoT with cloud integrations.


Our Support

Fully behind our products and solutions, we strive to our best supporting our customers. Being a small business ourselves, we understand small business. Our solutions are designed for small business, our pricing is considering small business, and our support models are tailored to meet the needs of small business.



More About Us

Expanding rapidly, cloud computing and IoT quickly reaches or is about to reach various industries. Different industries and different customers have different requirements for their needs. With broad experiences covering a wide range of industry segments, Rayburn Technologies is uniquely positioned to service your needs in this dynamic environment. Give us a call today!


We are a group of experienced professional with proven track records of customer successes. We are dedicated to servicing customers, small business customers in particular, who need cloud computing and embedded and IoT solutions. Listed below are some of our current and past projects to demonstrate our expertise as well as our versatility. We have been supporting clients across a wide spectrum: restaurant industry, health and fitness, industrial, automotive, consumer, space, education, and government, and others.


  • eCommerce online stores, complete systems including the ones used by individual store, multiple stores, and online platform
  • Web developments with Content Management Systems, based on Drupal, WordPress, and other CMS  implementations
  • Corporate IT infrastructure and support, conventional and cloud-based
  • Corporate accounting systems and other database solutions, MS-SQL and MySQL implementations, supporting hundreds of customers in various industries
  • Personal health/fitness systems, such as ECG, pulse oximeters, body analysis scales, stationary bikes, etc., complete solutions including mobile apps and cloud-based backend
  • Remote sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.), motor control, proximity sensing, with wired or wireless communications
  • Embedded and data acquisition systems used in the space
  • Video conference and video security systems, including video compressions and video transcoding
  • Automotive and consumer audio solutions



Last, allow us to highlight the performance and quality of our achievements with a NASA photograph. We are proud to present this image which demonstrates the embedded systems built by our team members. It was successfly launched to the space on the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the Wake Shield Facility (WSF), the NASA Mission STS-69.





Our words: give us a call today! From yours truly, the people at Rayburn Technologies.