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cloud computing for small business


  •  To Help Small Business Smoothly Migrate to Cloud Based IT Infrastructure

  •  SEO Focusing on Local Business, Ideal for Today's Growing Mobile Searches

  •  One-Stop Solution Provider, Simple Pricing at Low Cost

  •  Web Sites, SEO, Social Media, Company Emails, Office Suites, etc. 

  •  Covers Typical Small Business Needs, Plus Various Customization


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SmallCloud services are cloud computing service packages specially designed for Small Businesses.


Many small business owners are already familiar with cloud computing, while others not. Most small business owners know they will need to migrate to cloud computing, but may not know how to start. First, cloud computing is often confusing but it is not mysterious as it may appear. As a matter of fact, most of us are using cloud computing every day. For personal emails, we use Gmail or yahoo mail, it's part of cloud computing. So cloud computing can be this simple, and definitely not something new. However, changes in this area are rapid and often diverse, what puzzles many small business owners is that they don't know how to catch up with the latest trends to better serve their business needs. They need help. That's why we introduce SmallCloud, the cloud computing service packages specially designed for small businesses.


All business need to have a web site. Business owners know nowadays their web site will need to support social media, and need to support mobile. These are part of SmallCloud packages. For the office suite software, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., the new trend is clearly cloud based. We have them in the package too to help small business owners to migrate. Many small businesses are supporting eCommerce, and they like to enjoy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or other big data software, which used to be only available to major corporations. Based on typical small business requirements, our SmallCloud packages incorporate these elements organically. The software are carefully selected from various IT vendors to offer most cost effective solutions to small business owners. Based on our experiences, we offer three "standard" packages, allowing business owners quickly start cloud migrations. Of course we completely understand that no single business is identical, that's why we also provide a la carte options to serve your unique needs, you can have your individualized package.


Our specialty is geographic location based SEO or Search Engine Optimization. To most small business, winning more business from local customers is very important. That's why most small business web sites already have SEO implemented. However, things are changing rapidly. Today more customers search web and shop online with their mobile phones. A web site with SEO done two years ago may no longer effective today. Small business owners need to upgrade their SEO. This is highlighted in our SmallCloud packages. We offer comprehensive geographical location based SEO implementations for small business, including social media content creations. These services are designed to add values to your business to gain foot traffic, online and offline, and to win more revenue. Please see below for details.





SmallCloud Designed for Small Business

The IT industry is quickly moving towards cloud based solutions with more features and flexibility. It is great for business owners, but it also forces companies to migrate their existing IT infrastructure to the cloud based. When we say "force", we can think about the Microsoft Windows 10 roll-out as an example. Microsoft doesn't want you to stay with Windows 7; they actually forced users to change to Windows 10. Similarly, business owners can anticipate that they will have to migrate to cloud no matter they like or not. Such a move typically is less an issue for big corporations because they have dedicated IT personnel. However, for small business owners it can be fussy. Often business owners themselves need to figure out what to do. It is exactly why we introduce SmallCloud packages to you. We believe small business owners should focus on their business, rather than spending time to catch up the latest IT technology. It is up to us to support small business owners to have their IT infrastructure running smoothly. What’s more, we like to have the latest IT tools help business owners attract more customers.

To better serve small business owners, we offer several SmallCloud cloud computing packages. The first three are "standard" packages: Jump Start, Easy Glide, and Sonic Cruiser. These three packages are designed for the needs of most typical small businesses with different sizes, at different business phases, or at different stages in cloud migrations. With these three packages as base, we also offer one more package supporting customization with various cloud elements. That’s why we name this last package Private Jet. Typical applications of these SmallCloud packages are:
JumpStarter designed for mom & pop shops, cost effective cloud solutions
EasyGlider small business, straight-forward cloud solutions
SonicCruiser solutions with features and performance, bells and whistles
PrivateJet custimized cloud solutions, individually tailored


The package details are discussed below. You may also click here to see the list comparing these packages.



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Company Web Site

Almost all businesses, big or small, will need a web site. SmallCloud offers one-stop services for company web sites. We can start with assisting clients in domain name registrations, we support clients in web hosting, and web site development, and we support web site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media functionalities.


With SmallCloud, our customers will have the latest modern designs in web sites. We adopt responsive and mobile-first design methodology, the web sites will look great with all browsers and with all devices: desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPads or other tablets, etc. We implement web sites with the advanced Drupal technology, perfect for client's Contents Management System (CMS) business operations with blogs and social media integrations. .If needed, we can support customers with social media syndication or even content creations.



SEO Support

Focusing on support small business, we specialized in geo-location based SEO implementations. It is the latest trends in SEO online marketing, as more people are doing mobile searches. To small business, the importance is higher as most small business are really local business oriented. We strongly recommend all small business tune up their web sites' location based SEO. If your web site SEO was implemented even two years ago, it is time to upgrade. As a crucial part of the SmallCloud offerings, we will have multiple keyword and location based SEO implementations to boost your web site's SEO performance to best fit today's growing customer mobile search behaviors.


Like other SmallCloud items, our SEO offerings are in three tiers, as in the JumpStarter, EasyGlider, and SonicCruiser packages. More importantly, considering that different customers or different industries will have have different needs in terms of location-based SEO, thus in the PrivateJet package we offer a variety of location-based SEO solutions so customers will have great flexibility to make right selections for their business needs. For example, we can create geo-tag signals from 20+ approaches to boost your web site's significance in local search-ability. You may choose partial or you may use the full list of the SEO techniques.


In addition to SEO implementations, we offer complementary solutions in our packages, such as blogs, social media syndication, and social media content creations. These measures, teaming with the conventional marketing approaches such as magazine reviews, leadership Interviews (magazine, TV, etc.), press releases, citations, etc. are all aimed at improving your business' online marketing performance.


If you are not very familiar with online SEO, or location-based SEO in particular, don't hesitate to contact us.




Business Email Accounts

Same as company web sites, company emails are a coherent part of American corporate. Most experts believe that it is expected to be this way for certain time from now. Even for small business, many will need company email accounts. Based on typical small business use cases, we have our email solutions packaged within the three tiers of our SmallCloud services. Like many other services listed in the SmallCloud packages, our email solutions come from our vendors. While business owners should be able to find such solutions fairly easily, the objective of our services is to save business owners' time and efforts to find best and cost effective solutions. When selecting emails, or any other IT components, we always put company's overall IT requirements under considerations.


We strongly believe small business owners should focus on their business, rather than spending efforts to worry about their IT infrastructures, and spending time to seek available vendors and solutions. It is up to us to help business owners, to seek and recommend best solutions for their specific business. It is what we do when we put email solutions in our SmallCloud packages. Some solutions, while good for some cases, don't work well for others. For example, a low-cost solution supporting 100 email accounts are very attractive in terms of cost, however, if we consider its 100MB email storage restrictions, it is easy for us not to recommend this solution to customers requiring more storage space. It is just part of examples of what we do, we examine a solutions' specifications from all angles, some may be easily neglected by business owners, and then present solutions to business owners. In this example, obviously 100MB for 100 users is impractical to most of today's business customers. Unless we are absolutely sure our client's business will not be affected by such storage restrictions in a foreseeable future, we definitely will use other email solutions for our clients.


Cloud-Based Office Software

Office Suite Software for long time refers to Microsoft's Office Suite, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It should be teh case for quite some time from now also. However, as IT professional we'd like to remind small business owners that cloud migrations are inevitable. If you plan to upgrade your company's office software, it is time to switch to cloud based solutions. Sooner or later, all mainstream office suite software will be only cloud based, supporting legacy non-cloud-based software will be less available, and certainly cost more. Just like Windows 7 to Windows 10, it is not surprised to see some sorts of "forced" migrations.


While other solutions are available, such as Amazon or Google's offers, as default offerings in our SmallCloud packages naturally we recommend clients keep using Microsoft's office solutions, i.e., the cloud-based Microsoft® Office 365™. While selections here are easier, our value is to assist clients to select right packages within the Office 365, and integrate them into company's overall IT functionalities. Often we may recommend our clients to take advantage of lower-cost or even free solutions from other vendors (for example, free business email accounts from other vendors). Like we repeated, we'd like to save our clients' time and cost to have the best IT solutions for their business.



eCommerce and Much More

The three SmallCloud packages, JumpStarter, EasyGlider, SonicCruiser, are grouped with essential IT components used by almost all companies. We fully understand the real business world, even for small business, is more complex than these three packages can support. So the fourth package, dubbed as PrivateJet, is designed to offer customized solutions to meet the needs of individual businesses. The elements within this package, may contain the same items we in the three standard packages, but majority of the items are not there. This is a package where we make customization.


eCommerce, or online shopping, is a common feature many small business would like to have. For this function, we can support our clients in many different ways. Working with our vendors, we can offer full-featured multi-store online shops for you; or we can be your consultant in your vendor selections before and during your online store building process; or if you prefer, you can use our or our partners' existing online stores for your business too, or you may do so in your online store's early stages. We hope such flexibility will help you grow your business.


Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is another commonly used IT tool. Before cloud computing times, only big corporations can afford CRM, and enjoys the benefits of teh so-called big data information, In this cloud age, it is very common to see small business adopting CRM solutions. If you need CRM, or if you like to know more how CRM can help you growing your business and make your operations more efficient, please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.


Others, such as cloud-based database solutions, accounting solutions, HR solutions, are not reserved only for big companies either in this cloud computing age. More are more solutions are available and affordable to small businesses. While we are not expert in all of such aspects, we certainly are enhancing and expanding our SmallCloud offerings. The IT world enters cloud computing time in a rapid pace, our job is to catch up the latest solutions, to equip ourselves with the latest technologies, to better serve our small business clients. If you have any needs, just give us a call, or using the latest term, meet us in the cloud.




Click to see or sign up SmallCloud packages:  SmallCloud Packages




Pricing Table

SmallCloud solutions are designed for small businesses. To meet different clients' needs, we typically our package our solutions into three tiers, we call them: JumpStart, EasyGlider, and SonicCruiser.  We believe these three packages can support the needs of most typical small businesses, in different sizes and/or at different stages of cloud migrations.  However, no single company will be the same, we all have some special needs to be customized.  That's why we also have a package we call PrivateJet, which you can think it is your private jet for your business in the IT clouds.  It is our way to offer you customized services to your company's special needs.  In this package, any item can be tailored to meet your needs.  The business model in this package is pay-as-you-go model, you only pay what you need.  Feel free to discuss your requirements.





  • JumpStarter

    $5.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • for mom & pop shops
    • Cost effective cloud solutions
    • ------

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  • EasyGlider

    $14.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • small business
    • straight-forward cloud solutions
    • -----

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  • SonicCruiser

    $19.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • features and performance
    • bells and whistles
    • ------

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  • PrivateJet

    TBD / Month
    • Pay-as-you-go model
    • custimized cloud solutions
    • individually tailored
    • ------

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