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Cloud Computing Packages for Small Business: Websites, SEO, Emails, etc.



  •  To Help Small Business Smoothly Migrate to Cloud Based IT Infrastructure

  •  SEO Focusing on Local Business, Ideal for Today's Growing Mobile Searches

  •  One-Stop Solution Provider, Simple Pricing at Low Cost

  •  Web Sites, SEO, Social Media, Company Emails, Office Suites, etc.

  •  Cover Typical Small Business Needs, Plus Various Customization


Several SmallCloud packages are availavle for our customers: IT Services, Website Services, Website Anti-Hacking Services, Website SEO Services, Select the one best meeting your business needs.  Feel free to contact us:  Or at the end of this page,you may fill your info online.  We have standard packages, and we also support on-demand custimizations.  For your business, the fhe final specifications and prices, along with terms and conditions, will be determined by the signed agreement between your comany and us.


SmallCloud Website Services

We offer flexible website services, with either Monthly plans or One-Time plans. Of course Custimized options are available too.  Click the document for details.



SmallCloud Website with Anti-Hacking Services

As extensions of our website services, we offer anti-hacking solutions to Drupal or WordPress based websites.  Our solutions are flexible, with either Monthly plans or One-Time plans. Of course Custimized options are available too.  Click the document for details.



SmallCloud Website SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a very important marketing element in today's digital economy.  Many small business are under served, often over charged, while quite a portion of small business owners don't fully realize its importance.  Equipped with the latest SEO techniques, we specialize in location-based SEO and mobile-SEO, which are most critical for most small businesses.  We offer advanced services with competitive prices. Click the document for details.



SmallCloud Corporate IT Services

Another area small business definitely need is the cloud migrations of their IT infrastructure.  Unlike large corporations, they don't have dedicated in-house personnels. It is what we can help.  We service small business owners, find and setup right solutions for your business, emails, documentations, storage, backups, security, etc.  Click the document for details.



SmallCloud Services

The below docuemnt lists all the services we are offering to small business.




To Request SmallCloud Services - Fill In Online

For details about SmallCloud service packages please scroll next of this page. First let's show you how to request SmallCloud services. It is pretty easy, simply fill in the information online below, or if you like just send us an email to We will contact you shortly once we receive your info or email.








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